Thursday, January 26, 2012

My caretakers

I have had the sweetest boys taking the best care of me while I'm on bedrest! First, my Husband, of course-who is doing all the "mommy" duties-cooking, bathing kids, putting baby things together, etc... My two precious boys also are helping. Every morning Bryce wakes up, opens Jackson's door and they come in my room, greet me with kisses, cuddles, and both boys wrap me up in their blankets. Bryce has his cars blanket he puts over me, and Jackson gives me ALL 4 of his blankets plus 2 lovies, and his paci! It's hilarious and so sweet. We have cuddle time, then Misti, our amazing Nanny, comes in to get them for breakfast. Bryce also asks me everyday at least 2-3 times "let us know if you need anything, Mama." He also fills my water up-usually without me even asking. He talks to my belly and Brynlee goes crazy! Jackson kisses my belly, and just says "baby". I have to say I could get used to this treatment, but I know it will end soon...Ms. Brynlee will be here soon!

I went to the Dr. yesterday and things are still the same-PTL! So, after next week's visit, I will get my last shot, and my OB will decrease my medication. She said she will let me do lighter activity too. I'm just taking it day-by-day and know everyday Brynlee cooks is a blessing! Kyle has our bags packed, the carseat ready, the stroller ready, and Brynlee's room is complete. The last thing to do is put the pack-n-play together.

Last week was an emotional week-my Dad suffered a minor Ischemic stroke, but is doing great now and recovering at a rehab/physical therapy facility. He sounds good, too. I am praying he has total healing and is better so he can hold Brynlee, and play with the boys soon.

I will update soon with nursery pics, but here is one from this morning of Bryce-he got to wear PJ's to school today-they pretended they were "snowed in" at school and had hot chocolate! He is so funny-he said "Mama, i got 2 cups-it was so good, especially the marshmallows"!!! Love that boy! We also signed
Jackson up for preschool this week-I cannot believe he will be starting it next year!


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Camily said...

So sweet! Your boys are taking such good care of you! I am so glad Brynlee is still "cooking!" I just smiled reading this post!!!