Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Princess's Room

Today my Sweet, loving, hard-working, "Mr. Mom" Husband put some finishing touches on Brynlee's room. All that we are waiting on is the curtains and it will be complete..oh, and Brynlee, of course! Hopefully she's waiting until Feb to make her royal entrance!

Kyle measuring so the chandelier's look perfect!

Turned out beautiful!!

The "B" hanging over her changing table-from Grancy!

"Brynlee" plaque over her crib! This is so beautiful in person, but I was trying to take pics from the floor-Dr's orders!

The bedding-looks so pretty-just need Kyle to move the mattress up when she gets here so the bedskirt hangs better :)

The "B" rug and part of the amazing ottoman-it is the most comfortable thing-seriously, I will have no problem if I have to sleep there some nights!

I'll post more pics after the curtains are hung and after the baby shower when I can put everything away! Can't wait!



Jen Odom said...

Love love love Brynlee's room!! It's so chic and pretty! She's gonna be such a girly girl! Excited to go through more post :) Jen

Alicia said...

So, so cute! And so glad to hear that all is going well with Brynlee! I remember all to well going to those weekly appointments and praying that I would get another week to cook Caroline, lol! Praying for you and baby girl!

Procrastination Via Sewing said...

This totally helps me decide which fabrics to choose for you! :))